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Final Scores for 9/15/2018

NCAAF107Texas El Paso (+32)0Tennessee (-32)24Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 50)
NCAAF109Ball St (+14.5)10Indiana (-14.5)38Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 59)
NCAAF111Temple (+15)35Maryland (-15)14Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 55.5)
NCAAF113Massachusetts (+3.5)24Florida Intl (-3.5)63Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 64)
NCAAF115Miami Fla (-12)49Toledo (+12)24Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 58.5)
NCAAF117Hawaii (+6.5)21Army (-6.5)28Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 62)
NCAAF119Kent (+35)10Penn St (-35)63Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 64.5)
NCAAF125Florida St (-3)7Syracuse (+3)30Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 69.5)
NCAAF127Oklahoma (-18.5)37Iowa St (+18.5)27Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 54)
NCAAF129Troy (+9.5)24Nebraska (-9.5)19Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 55.5)
NCAAF131Rutgers (+2.5)14Kansas (-2.5)55Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 43.5)
NCAAF135Georgia Tech (-3.5)19Pittsburgh (+3.5)24Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 55)
NCAAF137Vanderbilt (+13.5)17Notre Dame (-13.5)22Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 51)
NCAAF139Ohio (+5)31Virginia (-5)45Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 53.5)
NCAAF141Smu (+36)20Michigan (-36)45Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 52.5)
NCAAF145Boise St (-2.5)21Oklahoma St (+2.5)44Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 66.5)
NCAAF147Byu (+22.5)24Wisconsin (-22.5)21Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 49)
NCAAF151Miami-Ohio (+13)3Minnesota (-13)26Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 46.5)
NCAAF153Lsu (+10)22Auburn (-10)21Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 45)
NCAAF155South Florida (-13.5)25Illinois (+13.5)19Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 57.5)
NCAAF157Central Mich (+14)16Northern Illinois (-14)24Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 46)
NCAAF159Geo Southern (+31.5)7Clemson (-31.5)38Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 48.5)
NCAAF161New Mexico (-3)42New Mexico St (+3)25Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 61)
NCAAF163Tulane (-3.5)24Ala Birmingham (+3.5)31Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 57)
NCAAF165Duke (+3.5)40Baylor (-3.5)27Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 49)
NCAAF167Colorado St (+20.5)10Florida (-20.5)48Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 58.5)
NCAAF169Houston (-1.5)49Texas Tech (+1.5)63Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 69)
NCAAF171Texas San Antonio (+21)17Kansas St (-21)41Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 46.5)
NCAAF173North Texas (+5.5)44Arkansas (-5.5)17Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 65.5)
NCAAF175San Jose St (+41)22Oregon (-41)35Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 70.5)
NCAAF177E Michigan (+3)28Buffalo (-3)35Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 53)
NCAAF179Oregon St (+3)35Nevada (-3)37Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 67.5)
NCAAF181Alabama (-22.5)62Mississippi (+22.5)7Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 71)
NCAAF183Arkansas St (+1.5)29Tulsa (-1.5)20Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 72)
NCAAF185Texas State (+9)31South Alabama (-9)41Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 48.5)
NCAAF187Middle Tenn St (+33.5)7Georgia (-33.5)49Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 58.5)
NCAAF191Missouri (-6)40Purdue (+6)37Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 66.5)
NCAAF193Akron (+21)39Northwestern (-21)34Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 45.5)
NCAAF195La Lafayette (+33.5)10Mississippi St (-33.5)56Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 63)
NCAAF197La Monroe (+27.5)10Texas A&M (-27.5)48Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 66)
NCAAF199Western Kentucky (+23)17Louisville (-23)20Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 54.5)
NCAAF201Usc (+3)14Texas (-3)37Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 47.5)
NCAAF203Ohio St (-13)40Tcu (+13)28Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 58.5)
NCAAF205Washington (-4.5)21Utah (+4.5)7Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 46.5)
NCAAF207Fresno St (-2.5)38Ucla (+2.5)14Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 50.5)
NCAAF209Arizona St (-5)21San Diego St (+5)28Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 47.5)
NCAAF213Murray St (+41.5)10Kentucky (-41.5)48Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF215Rhode Island (+7.5)49Connecticut (-7.5)56Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF217Uc-Davis (+28)10Stanford (-28)30Final Preview Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF219Lehigh (+33)21Navy (-33)51Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF221Woffard (+13)14Wyoming (-13)17Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF223Eastern Ky (+14)35Bowling Green (-14)42Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF225N Hampshire (+34.5)14Colorado (-34.5)45Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF227Idaho St (+37)23California (-37)45Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF231Bethune Cookman (+39)28Fla Atlantic (-39)49Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF235Alabama A&M (+44)7Cincinnati (-44)63Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF237Delaware St (+46)0Western Michigan (-46)68Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF239Northern Iowa (+18)14Iowa (-18)38Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF241Eastern Wash (+20)24Washington St (-20)59Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF243Prairie View (+31)17Nev Las Vegas (-31)46Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF245Southern Utah (+24)31Arizona (-24)62Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Abilene Christian38Houston Baptist13Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Alabama St13Kennesaw State62Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Ark Pine Bluff6South Dakota St90Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Austin Peay78Morehead St40Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Bucknell17Pennsylvania34Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Cal San Diego14Harvard36Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Central Arkansas33Se Louisiana25Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998College Of Idaho14Portland St63Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Columbia41Central Conn24Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Cornell10Delaware27Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Dayton26Duquesne31Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Georgetown0Dartmouth41Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Indiana St55Eastern Ill41Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Jackson St18Florida A&M16Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Langston18Southern33Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Marist27Bryant37Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Mercer30Samford24Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Missouri S&T12Drake52Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Monmouth24Lafayette20Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Montana27Western Illinois31Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Morgan St27Albany30Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Nicholls St10Mcneese St20Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998No Alabama7No Dakota St38Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998North Dakota24Sam Houston23Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Northrn Arizona8Missouri St40Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Northwestern St49Lamar48Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Princeton50Butler7Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Sacramento State28No Colorado25Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Se Missouri St48Southern Ill44Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998South Dakota10Weber St27Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Stephen Austin7Incarnate Word31Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Stony Brook28Fordham6Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Tennessee Chat34Tenn Martin24Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Texas Southern15Alcorn St27Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Towson St45Villanova35Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Valparaiso7Youngstown42Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Wagner24Montana St47Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF998Yale28Holy Cross31Final OT Lines Recap Box 

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