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Final Scores for 2/15/2020

NCAAB605Syracuse (+9.5)77Florida St (-9.5)80Final Lines  (O/U 146.5)
NCAAB609Northwestern (+12)61Penn St (-12)77Final Lines  (O/U 139)
NCAAB613St Josephs Pa (+17)55Rhode Island (-17)73Final Lines  (O/U 151)
NCAAB615Western Michigan (+5.5)51East Michigan (-5.5)69Final Lines  (O/U 128.5)
NCAAB621Texas Tech (-3)70Oklahoma St (+3)73Final Lines  (O/U 133)
NCAAB627Cleveland St (+5.5)67Detroit Mercy (-5.5)66Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB631E Tennessee (-13)72Vmi (+13)67Final Lines  (O/U 138)
NCAAB635Wake Forest (+3.5)54Miami Fla (-3.5)71Final Lines  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB637Coast Carolina (+8)80Georgia St (-8)92Final Lines  (O/U 161)
NCAAB639Old Dominion (+7.5)47North Texas (-7.5)64Final Lines  (O/U 127.5)
NCAAB641Bradley (-1)69Southern Ill (+1)67Final Lines  (O/U 125.5)
NCAAB645Mississippi (+9.5)62Kentucky (-9.5)67Final Lines  (O/U 137)
NCAAB647Wisconsin (-6)81Nebraska (+6)64Final Lines  (O/U 136.5)
NCAAB649Georgetown (+8.5)73Butler (-8.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 137)
NCAAB651Lasalle (+8.5)69St Louis (-8.5)84Final Lines  (O/U 132)
NCAAB653Nc Charlotte (PK)54Rice (PK)70Final Lines  (O/U 144)
NCAAB655Ala Birmingham (-2)79Middle Tenn St (+2)66Final Lines  (O/U 138)
NCAAB657Fla Atlantic (+10.5)68Louisiana Tech (-10.5)81Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB659Youngstown St (+3.5)64Oakland (-3.5)72Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB661Florida Intl (-2.5)67Southern Miss (+2.5)75Final Lines  (O/U 144)
NCAAB663Arkansas Lr (+2)65Texas Arlington (-2)76Final Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB665Arkansas St (+8.5)64Texas State (-8.5)69Final Lines  (O/U 136)
NCAAB667Western Kentucky (-2)77Texas San Ant (+2)73Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 156)
NCAAB669Northern Illinois (-2.5)60Miami-Ohio (+2.5)65Final Lines  (O/U 132)
NCAAB671Georgia (-1)69Texas A&M (+1)74Final Lines  (O/U 134.5)
NCAAB673La Monroe (+10.5)49South Alabama (-10.5)50Final Lines  (O/U 130)
NCAAB677Appalachian St (+5)62Geo Southern (-5)57Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB679Tennessee Chat (+9.5)53Furman (-9.5)58Final Lines  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB681Marshall (+1.5)71Texas El Paso (-1.5)61Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB683Nc Wilmington (+13.5)64Hofstra (-13.5)78Final Lines  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB685Delaware (+3)77William & Mary (-3)81Final Lines  (O/U 144)
NCAAB687Drexel (+1)70Elon (-1)75Final Lines  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB691Colorado St (-9.5)77Wyoming (+9.5)70Final Lines  (O/U 135)
NCAAB693West Virginia (+5.5)59Baylor (-5.5)70Final Lines  (O/U 130)
NCAAB695Louisville (-5)62Clemson (+5)77Final Lines  (O/U 131)
NCAAB697Notre Dame (+12.5)60Duke (-12.5)94Final Lines  (O/U 151)
NCAAB699Va Commonwealth (+1.5)59Richmond (-1.5)77Final Lines  (O/U 143)
NCAAB701Nc Greensboro (-7)67Mercer (+7)55Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB703Illinois (+4)57Rutgers (-4)72Final Lines  (O/U 129)
NCAAB705Geo Washington (+6.5)73George Mason (-6.5)67Final Lines  (O/U 134)
NCAAB711Loyola Marymnt (+7.5)65Santa Clara (-7.5)59Final Lines  (O/U 135)
NCAAB713Siu-Edwardsville (+2)71Se Missouri St (-2)75Final Lines  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB715Morehead St (+13)57Murray St (-13)85Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB717Eastern Ill (-3)79Tenn Martin (+3)80Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 154)
NCAAB719Kansas St (+3.5)57Tcu (-3.5)68Final Lines  (O/U 124.5)
NCAAB721Utah Valley St (+13.5)82New Mexico St (-13.5)84Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB723Pittsburgh (+3.5)57Virginia Tech (-3.5)67Final Lines  (O/U 128)
NCAAB725Virginia (+2)64North Carolina (-2)62Final Lines  (O/U 115.5)
NCAAB727Southern Utah (-2.5)69Northrn Arizona (+2.5)82Final Lines  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB729Maryland (+6.5)67Michigan St (-6.5)60Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB731Yale (-5.5)61Pennsylvania (+5.5)69Final Lines  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB733Brown (+4)54Princeton (-4)73Final Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB735Jacksonville St (+14.5)84Belmont (-14.5)101Final Lines  (O/U 145)
NCAAB737Nev Las Vegas (+3)78New Mexico (-3)73Final Lines  (O/U 154.5)
NCAAB739Auburn (-4.5)73Missouri (+4.5)85Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB741Houston (-1.5)72Smu (+1.5)73Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 137)
NCAAB743Tennessee (+3.5)61South Carolina (-3.5)63Final Lines  (O/U 136.5)
NCAAB745Columbia (+14.5)73Harvard (-14.5)77Final - 2nd Ot Lines  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB747Westrn Carolina (+6)80Wofford (-6)74Final Lines  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB749Valparaiso (PK)65Illinois St (PK)62Final Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB751Cornell (+6)53Dartmouth (-6)75Final Lines  (O/U 131)
NCAAB755Wisc Green Bay (+2.5)94Wisc Milwaukee (-2.5)90Final Lines  (O/U 156)
NCAAB757Cal Riverside (-3)63Long Beach St (+3)65Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 132)
NCAAB759Depaul (+8)64Creighton (-8)93Final Lines  (O/U 147.5)
NCAAB761Weber St (+6)63Montana St (-6)77Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB763Northridge St (+2)98Cal Davis (-2)110Final Lines  (O/U 150.5)
NCAAB765Seton Hall (-1.5)71Providence (+1.5)74Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB767Towson St (-2.5)63James Madison (+2.5)48Final Lines  (O/U 151)
NCAAB769Northern Iowa (+1.5)73Loyola Chi (-1.5)82Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 130)
NCAAB771North Dakota (-2)86Western Illinois (+2)83Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 153)
NCAAB773South Dakota (+2.5)80Oral Roberts (-2.5)94Final Lines  (O/U 158.5)
NCAAB775Washington St (+7)51Usc (-7)70Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB779Chicago St (+21)47Grand Canyon (-21)71Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB783Vanderbilt (+14.5)66Florida (-14.5)84Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB785Tennessee Tech (+9)55Tennessee St (-9)70Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB787Cal Poly Slo (+6.5)101Fullerton (-6.5)105Final - 4th Ot Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB789Idaho St (+12.5)63Montana (-12.5)78Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB791Colorado (-2)69Oregon St (+2)47Final Lines  (O/U 135.5)
NCAAB793Utah St (-5)71Fresno St (+5)59Final Lines  (O/U 134.5)
NCAAB795Mo Kansas City (+4.5)59Cs-Bakersfield (-4.5)53Final Lines  (O/U 127)
NCAAB797Byu (-13.5)72San Diego (+13.5)71Final Lines  (O/U 144.5)
NCAAB801Washington (+3)57Ucla (-3)67Final Lines  (O/U 134.5)
NCAAB803Eastern Wash (+2)89Portland St (-2)81Final Lines  (O/U 160.5)
NCAAB805Northern Colorado (-3)68Sacramento St (+3)65Final Lines  (O/U 121)
NCAAB807Arizona (-4.5)69Stanford (+4.5)60Final Lines  (O/U 135)
NCAAB809Cal Irvine (-2.5)70Hawaii (+2.5)63Final Lines  (O/U 137)
NCAAB1000Abilene Christian (-5)78Texas A&M Cc (+5)64Final Lines  (O/U 127.5)
NCAAB1000Alabama A&M (+4.5)58Alabama St (-4.5)61Final Lines  (O/U 130)
NCAAB1000Ark Pine Bluff (+9.5)49Southern (-9.5)73Final Lines  (O/U 121.5)
NCAAB1000Bethune Cookman (-6.5)58Md Eastrn Shore (+6.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB1000Boston U (-2)77Navy (+2)54Final Lines  (O/U 129.5)
NCAAB1000Central Arkansas (+8.5)67Sam Houston (-8.5)82Final Lines  (O/U 152)
NCAAB1000Charleston Sou (+3.5)75Nc Asheville (-3.5)79Final Lines  (O/U 144)
NCAAB1000Coppin St (+2.5)66So Carolina St (-2.5)70Final Lines  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB1000Fla Gulf Coast (+6)54Lipscomb (-6)64Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB1000Florida A&M (-5)97Delaware St (+5)95Final - 2nd Ot Lines  (O/U 150.5)
NCAAB1000Grambling (+8.5)69Prairie View (-8.5)75Final Lines  (O/U 135.5)
NCAAB1000Hampton (+4)68Longwood (-4)76Final Lines  (O/U 150)
NCAAB1000Houston Baptist (+10.5)69Lamar (-10.5)79Final Lines  (O/U 165.5)
NCAAB1000Incarnate Word (+9.5)67New Orleans (-9.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB1000Jackson St (+5)74Texas Southern (-5)77Final Lines  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB1000Lafayette (-6.5)72Holy Cross (+6.5)62Final Lines  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB1000Lehigh (+4)66Army (-4)79Final Lines  (O/U 143)
NCAAB1000Mcneese St (-1)79Northwestern St (+1)84Final Lines  (O/U 150)
NCAAB1000Miss Valley St (+14)88Alcorn St (-14)92Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 160.5)
NCAAB1000Morgan St (+6.5)57Norfolk St (-6.5)62Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB1000New Hampshire (+2.5)59Umbc (-2.5)65Final Lines  (O/U 131)
NCAAB1000Njit (+16)49Liberty (-16)62Final Lines  (O/U 119.5)
NCAAB1000North Alabama (+10.5)67North Florida (-10.5)80Final Lines  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB1000Radford (-2)73Campbell (+2)60Final Lines  (O/U 130)
NCAAB1000Sacred Heart (+1.5)80Long Island (-1.5)72Final Lines  (O/U 151)
NCAAB1000Se Louisiana (+12.5)71Nicholls St (-12.5)81Final Lines  (O/U 143)
NCAAB1000St Francis Pa (-2)70Mt St Marys (+2)55Final Lines  (O/U 137)
NCAAB1000Wagner (+8)59Merrimack (-8)68Final Lines  (O/U 127.5)
NCAAB1000Winthrop (-10)89Presbyterian (+10)88Final Lines  (O/U 147)
NHL1Detroit1Boston4Final Lines  (O/U 5.5)
NHL3Nashville (+118)4St Louis (-138)3Final Lines  (O/U 5.5)
NHL5Edmonton (+138)4Florida (-158)1Final Lines  (O/U 6.5)
NHL7Philadelphia (+155)3Tampa Bay (-185)5Final Lines  (O/U 6)
NHL9San Jose (+169)2Minnesota (-199)0Final Lines  (O/U 6)
NHL11Dallas (-123)4Montreal (+103)3Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 5.5)
NHL13Toronto (-184)4Ottawa (+154)2Final Lines  (O/U 6.5)
NHL15Los Angeles (+207)3Colorado (-247)1Final Lines  (O/U 6)
NHL17Chicago (+109)8Calgary (-129)4Final Lines  (O/U 6.5)
NHL19Washington (-135)1Arizona (+115)3Final Lines  (O/U 6)
NHL21Islanders (+152)0Vegas (-172)1Final Lines  (O/U 6)

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