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Final Scores for 12/8/2018

NBA701Houston (-3)104Dallas (+3)107Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 217.5)
NBA703Sacramento (+5)97Indiana (-5)107Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 222.5)
NBA705Denver (-6)98Atlanta (+6)106Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 223.5)
NBA707Washington (-7)101Cleveland (+7)116Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 217)
NBA709Brooklyn (+2)112New York (-2)104Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 219)
NBA711Boston (-7.5)133Chicago (+7.5)77Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 215.5)
NBA713Lakers (+1.5)111Memphis (-1.5)88Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 209)
NBA715Minnesota (+2.5)105Portland (-2.5)113Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 218.5)
NBA717Miami (+9)121Clippers (-9)98Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 219)
NCAAB719Michigan St (-2)63Florida (+2)59Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 142.5)
NCAAB721Pennsylvania (-5)83Lasalle (+5)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB723South Carolina (+17.5)78Michigan (-17.5)89Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131)
NCAAB725Oakland (+10)83Northeastern (-10)92Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145)
NCAAB727Depaul (+7)68Northwestern (-7)75Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138)
NCAAB729Kentucky (-7)83Seton Hall (+7)84Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141)
NCAAB731Georgetown (+10)71Syracuse (-10)72Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150)
NCAAB733Pittsburgh (+10.5)59West Virginia (-10.5)69Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB735Xavier (+7)47Cincinnati (-7)62Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131)
NCAAB737Nev Las Vegas (+7)74Illinois (-7)77Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB739Rutgers (-8)70Fordham (+8)78Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131)
NCAAB741Tulane (PK)60South Alabama (PK)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB743St Josephs Pa (+11)58Villanova (-11)70Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143)
NCAAB745Western Michigan (-2.5)88Youngstown St (+2.5)77Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153)
NCAAB747Louisville (+4)67Indiana (-4)68Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB749Toledo (+2.5)75Marshall (-2.5)74Final OT Lines Recap Box  (O/U 170.5)
NCAAB751Wichita St (+6.5)48Oklahoma (-6.5)80Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB753Western Kentucky (+10.5)78Arkansas (-10.5)77Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154.5)
NCAAB755Valparaiso (-4.5)82Geo Washington (+4.5)79Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 134)
NCAAB757Wright St (PK)76Kent (PK)83Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB759Texas Arlington (+12.5)61North Texas (-12.5)63Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB761Loyola Chi (+9)41Maryland (-9)55Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 135)
NCAAB763Ala Birmingham (+10)76Memphis (-10)94Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB765Arkansas St (+20.5)56Minnesota (-20.5)72Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158)
NCAAB767Houston (+2.5)63Oklahoma St (-2.5)53Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB769Buffalo (-7)80St Bonaventure (+7)62Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB771Northern Illinois (+14.5)68Butler (-14.5)95Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 142)
NCAAB773Kansas St (-6)46Tulsa (+6)47Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB775Mississippi (-5.5)81Illinois St (+5.5)74Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 155)
NCAAB777Wisconsin (+1.5)69Marquette (-1.5)74Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB779Yale (+24)58Duke (-24)91Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 166.5)
NCAAB781Wisc Green Bay (+3)68Bowling Green (-3)97Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 159.5)
NCAAB785Illinois Chi (+10.5)72Colorado (-10.5)84Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 160.5)
NCAAB787Creighton (+8)75Nebraska (-8)94Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 152)
NCAAB789Long Beach St (+12.5)71Fresno St (-12.5)92Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150)
NCAAB791Dayton (+15.5)72Auburn (-15.5)82Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140)
NCAAB793San Diego St (-3.5)83California (+3.5)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140)
NCAAB795Notre Dame (+5)62Ucla (-5)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153)
NCAAB797Byu (-3.5)74Utah (+3.5)59Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158)
NCAAB799Utah St (-11)76Weber St (+11)67Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 158.5)
NCAAB801Clemson (+5)71Mississippi St (-5)82Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 134.5)
NCAAB803Connecticut (+8)71Florida St (-8)79Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154)
NCAAB805Iupu Fort Wayne (+6)79Miami-Ohio (-6)85Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB807Rider (+2.5)73Hofstra (-2.5)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 165)
NCAAB809Tenn Martin (+14.5)62E Tennessee St (-14.5)80Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151.5)
NCAAB811Geo Southern (+1.5)89Mercer (-1.5)74Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154)
NCAAB813Eastern Ill (+8)76Western Illinois (-8)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137)
NCAAB815Southern Utah (+8.5)86Central Mich (-8.5)95Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB817Murray St (-4.5)64Middle Tenn St (+4.5)42Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB819Northern Ky (-7)74Eastern Ky (+7)76Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 165)
NCAAB821Southern Ill (-8.5)83Se Missouri St (+8.5)73Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 136.5)
NCAAB823Eastern Wash (+7)67North Dakota St (-7)74Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145)
NCAAB825Montana (+3.5)51Cal Irvine (-3.5)60Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB827Sacramento St (PK)67Portland (PK)76Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 147.5)
NCAAB829Nebraska-Omaha (+19.5)61Oregon (-19.5)84Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB998American83Howard85Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Arizona St66Nevada72Final Preview Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Ark Pine Bluff42Santa Barbara55Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Army66Air Force61Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Bethune Cookman78Cal Poly Slo80Final OT Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Cal Tech48Cal Baptist87Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Calvary33Austin Peay116Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Central Arkansas85Arkansas Lr82Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Central State53East Michigan105Final Lines Box 
NCAAB998Central Washington62Boise St82Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Champion Baptist College45Alcorn St109Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Colgate65Penn St76Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Concordia-Austin70Texas Southern107Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Cs-Bakersfield73Idaho67Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Dubuque67Northern Iowa75Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Furman74Usc Upstate60Final Preview Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Grambling45Central Florida70Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Greensboro67No Carolina A&T92Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Harris Stowe87Siu-Edwardsville92Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Harvard65Vermont71Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Houston Baptist80Texas State90Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Jackson St66Pepperdine69Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Jacksonville St81Delaware St54Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Johnson & Wales (nc)55Gardner Webb102Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Lafayette77Quinnipiac88Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Lehigh85Mt St Marys78Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Long Island74St Peters58Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Loyola Md83Binghamton65Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Maine52Dartmouth78Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Marist79Stetson75Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Mid-America Christian74Texas San Ant104Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Middle Georgia State57Jacksonville100Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Mo Kansas City65South Dakota63Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Monmouth63Albany Ny82Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Morgan St74Towson St69Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Nc Central73Appalachian St82Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998New Mexico St60Kansas63Final Preview Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Penn State-Wilkes-Barre58Central Conn79Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Radford69Ohio78Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Rhode Island79Holy Cross63Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Sam Houston65Colorado St71Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Schreiner53Abilene Christian93Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Siena74Robert Morris71Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998St Francis Ny60Njit82Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Stony Brook69Brown71Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Truman State69Indiana St77Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Umbc91Drexel76Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Utah Valley St98Northrn Arizona78Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Westrn Carolina71Nc Asheville59Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998William & Mary76Hampton71Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAF103Navy (+7)10Army (-7)17Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 38.5)
NHL1Philadelphia (+100)6Buffalo (-120)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6.5)
NHL3Vegas (-160)1Los Angeles (+140)5Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL5Islanders (-125)3Detroit (+105)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL7Pittsburgh (-210)1Ottawa (+180)2Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 7)
NHL9Rangers (+165)5Florida (-195)4Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL11Toronto (-135)3Boston (+115)6Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)
NHL13Washington (+115)4Columbus (-135)0Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6.5)
NHL15Colorado (+130)1Tampa Bay (-150)7Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6.5)
NHL17San Jose (-135)5Arizona (+115)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL19Nashville (+120)2Calgary (-140)5Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6)

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