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Final Scores for 12/1/2019

NCAAB665Geo Washington (+13)65South Carolina (-13)74Final Lines  (O/U 139)
NCAAB667Rhode Island (+10.5)81West Virginia (-10.5)86Final Lines  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB669Montana (+10)63New Mexico (-10)72Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB673Southern Utah (PK)51Loyola Marymnt (PK)61Final Lines  (O/U 130.5)
NCAAB675Nc Wilmington (+20)54Stanford (-20)72Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB677Southern Ill (+13)60St Louis (-13)69Final Lines  (O/U 117)
NCAAB679Utah Valley St (+8)61Colorado St (-8)92Final Lines  (O/U 143)
NCAAB681Portland St (+16)76Oregon St (-16)81Final Lines  (O/U 149)
NCAAB683Nebraska-Omaha (+15.5)66St Marys Ca (-15.5)75Final Lines  (O/U 136)
NCAAB685Lasalle (+18)72Villanova (-18)83Final Lines  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB687San Jose St (+22)64Ucla (-22)93Final Lines  (O/U 135.5)
NCAAB689Texas A&M (-6.5)62Fairfield (+6.5)67Final Lines  (O/U 117)
NCAAB691Maryland (-3.5)84Marquette (+3.5)63Final Lines  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB693Temple (-2)66Davidson (+2)53Final Lines  (O/U 135)
NCAAB695Harvard (+1.5)62Usc (-1.5)77Final Lines  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB697Canisius (+1.5)76Mercer (-1.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB699Holy Cross (+13)69Hofstra (-13)91Final Lines  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB701Illinois Chi (+6)70Fla Atlantic (-6)71Final Lines  (O/U 133.5)
NCAAB703St Bonaventure (-4)70San Diego (+4)61Final Lines  (O/U 124)
NCAAB705Long Beach St (+9.5)79Pennsylvania (-9.5)95Final Lines  (O/U 148)
NCAAB709Providence (-7.5)80Pepperdine (+7.5)77Final Lines  (O/U 149)
NCAAB711Wake Forest (+12)66Arizona (-12)73Final Lines  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB1000Bethune Cookman (+19.5)65Georgia Tech (-19.5)68Final Lines  (O/U 138)
NCAAB1000Binghamton (+11)65Loyola Md (-11)77Final Lines  (O/U 146.5)
NCAAB1000Campbell (PK)58North Dakota (PK)56Final Lines  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB1000Central Conn (+17.5)71Massachusetts Lowell (-17.5)73Final Lines  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB1000Geo Southern (-6.5)72Fla Gulf Coast (+6.5)57Final Lines  (O/U 142.5)
NCAAB1000Incarnate Word (+15)56Portland (-15)65Final Lines  (O/U 133)
NCAAB1000Jackson St (+12)52Air Force (-12)76Final Lines  (O/U 140)
NCAAB1000Maine (+20.5)40Connecticut (-20.5)64Final Lines  (O/U 128.5)
NCAAB1000Md Eastrn Shore (+17.5)45Fordham (-17.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 119)
NCAAB1000Niagara (+8.5)65Norfolk St (-8.5)61Final Lines  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB1000Southern (+14)65Tulane (-14)82Final Lines  (O/U 138)
NCAAB1000Vermont (+2)52Yale (-2)65Final Lines  (O/U 128.5)

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