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Final Scores for 11/30/2019

NCAAB601South Dakota St (+18.5)50Indiana (-18.5)64Final Lines  (O/U 150)
NCAAB603East Carolina (+1.5)89James Madison (-1.5)99Final Lines  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB605William & Mary (+8)77Buffalo (-8)88Final Lines  (O/U 155)
NCAAB607Nc Greensboro (+6.5)65Georgetown (-6.5)61Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB609South Dakota (-6.5)72Northrn Arizona (+6.5)76Final Lines  (O/U 143)
NCAAB611Boston College (+5)44Richmond (-5)64Final Lines  (O/U 141)
NCAAB613E Tennessee (-4.5)67Arkansas Lr (+4.5)63Final Lines  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB615Dartmouth (+7.5)69Bowling Green (-7.5)76Final Lines  (O/U 132)
NCAAB617Evansville (-4)70Indiana Purdue (+4)64Final Lines  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB619Samford (+11.5)57Louisiana Tech (-11.5)78Final Lines  (O/U 146)
NCAAB621Belmont (-9)71Middle Tenn St (+9)59Final Lines  (O/U 155.5)
NCAAB623Youngstown St (+6.5)72Central Mich (-6.5)88Final Lines  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB625North Dakota (+10.5)80Geo Southern (-10.5)68Final Lines  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB627Northern Ky (+15.5)60Arkansas (-15.5)66Final Lines  (O/U 134.5)
NCAAB629Fresno St (-7)72Northridge St (+7)73Final Lines  (O/U 141.5)
NCAAB631Detroit Mercy (+11.5)81Ohio (-11.5)91Final Lines  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB633Oakland (+11)63Toledo (-11)65Final Lines  (O/U 129)
NCAAB635Nev Las Vegas (+12)65Cincinnati (-12)72Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 136.5)
NCAAB637Western Illinois (+7.5)67Mo Kansas City (-7.5)68Final Lines  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB639Tulsa (+4.5)67Vanderbilt (-4.5)58Final Lines  (O/U 139)
NCAAB641Iupu Fort Wayne (+6.5)71Grand Canyon (-6.5)60Final Lines  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB643Wisc Green Bay (+4)98Montana St (-4)72Final Lines  (O/U 151)
NCAAB645Sacramento St (+17.5)45Colorado (-17.5)59Final Lines  (O/U 125.5)
NCAAB647Idaho (+12.5)55Seattle (-12.5)74Final Lines  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB649East Michigan (+9.5)56Cal Irvine (-9.5)77Final Lines  (O/U 124.5)
NCAAB655Tennessee (-1.5)72Va Commonwealth (+1.5)69Final Lines  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB657Florida St (-1)63Purdue (+1)60Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 124.5)
NCAAB659Se Missouri St (PK)66Denver (PK)51Final Lines  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB661Fullerton (+10)55Santa Clara (-10)70Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB1000American (+5)64Albany Ny (-5)68Final Lines  (O/U 138)
NCAAB1000Army (-1)66Marist (+1)64Final - Ot Lines  (O/U 133)
NCAAB1000Campbell (PK)51Fla Gulf Coast (PK)46Final Lines  (O/U 132.5)
NCAAB1000Coast Carolina (-16)92Delaware St (+16)77Final Lines  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB1000Drexel (+2)60Umbc (-2)85Final Lines  (O/U 133)
NCAAB1000Hartford (+15)55Texas State (-15)69Final Lines  (O/U 128.5)
NCAAB1000Jacksonville (-1)61No Carolina A&T (+1)45Final Lines  (O/U 126)
NCAAB1000Lamar (+1)73Texas Southern (-1)76Final Lines  (O/U 144.5)
NCAAB1000Lehigh (+5)64Columbia (-5)68Final Lines  (O/U 142)
NCAAB1000Lipscomb (+17.5)62Xavier (-17.5)87Final Lines  (O/U 134)
NCAAB1000Mcneese St (+23)71Texas (-23)73Final Lines  (O/U 133.5)
NCAAB1000Morehead St (+1)57North Alabama (-1)67Final Lines  (O/U 135.5)
NCAAB1000Mt St Marys (-8)73Howard (+8)56Final Lines  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB1000Navy (+7)76Brown (-7)56Final Lines  (O/U 125)
NCAAB1000New Hampshire (+14.5)69Florida Intl (-14.5)70Final Lines  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB1000Prairie View (+8)79Texas San Ant (-8)72Final Lines  (O/U 148)
NCAAB1000Princeton (+3.5)87Bucknell (-3.5)77Final Lines  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB1000Robert Morris (-1.5)59Cleveland St (+1.5)70Final Lines  (O/U 128)
NCAAB1000Siena (+5)62Colgate (-5)72Final Lines  (O/U 142.5)
NCAAB1000St Francis Ny (+3)59St Peters (-3)67Final Lines  (O/U 131)
NCAAB1000St Francis Pa (+6.5)79St Josephs Pa (-6.5)63Final Lines  (O/U 155)
NCAAB1000Stephen Austin (PK)76Arkansas St (PK)57Final Lines  (O/U 149)
NCAAB1000Stetson (+16)53Kent (-16)77Final Lines  (O/U 130.5)
NCAAB1000Texas A&M Cc (+6.5)55Texas-Rio Grande Valley (-6.5)52Final Lines  (O/U 123.5)
NCAAB1000Usc Upstate (+14)47Nc Charlotte (-14)83Final Lines  (O/U 127.5)
NCAAB1000Wagner (+19.5)63St Johns (-19.5)86Final Lines  (O/U 150.5)

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