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Kucherov, Lightning beat Canucks 5-2 in fight-filled game
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) Nikita Kucherov had a goal and an assist to reach 50 points this season and lead the Tampa Bay Lightning past the Vancouver Canucks 5-2 on Tuesday night. Click here to read the rest of the story and see more news

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Final Scores for 1/13/2018

NBA501Lakers (+4.5)107Dallas (-4.5)101Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 213.5)
NBA503Sacramento (+7)105Clippers (-7)126Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 216.5)
NBA505Oklahoma City (-2)101Charlotte (+2)91Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 212)
NBA507Brooklyn (+9.5)113Washington (-9.5)119Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 215)
NBA509Golden State (-5.5)127Toronto (+5.5)125Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 227)
NBA511Detroit (-1)105Chicago (+1)107Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 209)
NBA513Denver (+7.5)80San Antonio (-7.5)112Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 208)
NCAAB515St Bonaventure (+7)73Rhode Island (-7)87Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144.5)
NCAAB517Wake Forest (+16.5)71Duke (-16.5)89Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 163.5)
NCAAB519Georgetown (+12)61Seton Hall (-12)74Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153)
NCAAB521Kansas St (+12.5)72Kansas (-12.5)73Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150.5)
NCAAB523Michigan (+9.5)82Michigan St (-9.5)72Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 136)
NCAAB525Purdue (-8.5)81Minnesota (+8.5)47Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 152)
NCAAB527Lasalle (+1.5)94Duquesne (-1.5)101Final OT Lines Recap Box  (O/U 135.5)
NCAAB529Connecticut (+2.5)67Tulane (-2.5)57Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144)
NCAAB531Tcu (+6.5)97Oklahoma (-6.5)102Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 173.5)
NCAAB533Dartmouth (+15.5)72Boston College (-15.5)86Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 146)
NCAAB535Florida (-4.5)72Mississippi (+4.5)78Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151.5)
NCAAB537South Carolina (+5)64Georgia (-5)57Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB539Oregon (+9.5)83Arizona (-9.5)90Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB541Memphis (+7.5)75Temple (-7.5)72Final OT Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB543Creighton (+3.5)70Xavier (-3.5)92Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 167)
NCAAB545Miami-Ohio (+16)66Buffalo (-16)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150)
NCAAB547Bowling Green (+3.5)78Akron (-3.5)80Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153)
NCAAB549Syracuse (+4.5)90Florida St (-4.5)101Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138)
NCAAB551West Virginia (+4.5)71Texas Tech (-4.5)72Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB553Georgia Tech (-6)69Pittsburgh (+6)54Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 127)
NCAAB555St Louis (-1.5)81George Mason (+1.5)86Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131)
NCAAB557Evansville (+2)65Drake (-2)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 133.5)
NCAAB559Miami Fla (+5.5)63Clemson (-5.5)72Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 133)
NCAAB561Baylor (-2.5)65Iowa St (+2.5)75Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144)
NCAAB563Fla Atlantic (+7.5)73Texas San Ant (-7.5)69Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154)
NCAAB565North Texas (-2.5)85Rice (+2.5)78Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138)
NCAAB567Auburn (-3)76Mississippi St (+3)68Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB569Geo Southern (-3)60Appalachian St (+3)59Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151.5)
NCAAB571Georgia St (PK)72Coast Carolina (PK)58Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB573Virginia Tech (+5)86Louisville (-5)94Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB575Bradley (+6.5)65Loyola Chi (-6.5)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 128.5)
NCAAB577Colorado St (+7)78Wyoming (-7)73Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB579Hofstra (-2.5)91Drexel (+2.5)86Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150.5)
NCAAB581Towson St (+2)99William & Mary (-2)73Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154)
NCAAB583Delaware (+3.5)61James Madison (-3.5)60Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140.5)
NCAAB585California (+4.5)53Washington St (-4.5)78Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB587Kentucky (-2)74Vanderbilt (+2)67Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB589Troy St (-2)79South Alabama (+2)64Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144)
NCAAB591Geo Washington (+2)68Richmond (-2)78Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 131.5)
NCAAB593Ball St (PK)58Western Michigan (PK)73Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 147)
NCAAB595East Michigan (-1.5)66Northern Illinois (+1.5)72Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141)
NCAAB597Toledo (+2)93Central Mich (-2)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148)
NCAAB599Louisiana Tech (+7.5)62Ala Birmingham (-7.5)74Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144.5)
NCAAB601Air Force (PK)78San Jose St (PK)71Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 129.5)
NCAAB603Texas (+2)64Oklahoma St (-2)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 141)
NCAAB605Texas A&M (+2.5)62Tennessee (-2.5)75Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 142)
NCAAB607Missouri (+4.5)63Arkansas (-4.5)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB609North Carolina (-5)69Notre Dame (+5)68Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 146)
NCAAB611Illinois St (+4)70Southern Ill (-4)74Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143)
NCAAB613Southern Miss (+14.5)49Middle Tenn St (-14.5)69Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139)
NCAAB615Texas State (-1.5)72Arkansas Lr (+1.5)70Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 122)
NCAAB617Oregon St (+12)75Arizona St (-12)77Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150.5)
NCAAB619Western Kentucky (-13.5)73Nc Charlotte (+13.5)63Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB621Coll Charleston (-2.5)58Elon (+2.5)63Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 138.5)
NCAAB623Cincinnati (-22.5)78South Florida (+22.5)55Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 125.5)
NCAAB625New Mexico (+9.5)80Fresno St (-9.5)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145.5)
NCAAB627Marshall (+10)76Old Dominion (-10)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB629Cornell (+10.5)54Princeton (-10.5)91Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 147.5)
NCAAB631Columbia (+8.5)71Pennsylvania (-8.5)77Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB633Northeastern (-4.5)68Nc Wilmington (+4.5)65Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 155)
NCAAB635Wichita St (-12.5)72Tulsa (+12.5)69Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149.5)
NCAAB637Valparaiso (+4)76Northern Iowa (-4)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 125.5)
NCAAB639Utah St (+13)57Nevada (-13)83Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB641Villanova (-11.5)78St Johns (+11.5)71Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 154.5)
NCAAB643St Marys Ca (-16)91Pepperdine (+16)67Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145)
NCAAB645Texas Arlington (-5.5)97Arkansas St (+5.5)71Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 155)
NCAAB647La Monroe (+14.5)48La Lafayette (-14.5)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145)
NCAAB649Stanford (+4)73Washington (-4)64Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 148.5)
NCAAB651Alabama (+4)74Lsu (-4)66Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB653Florida Intl (+4.5)68Texas El Paso (-4.5)72Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137.5)
NCAAB655Cal Davis (+1.5)70Fullerton (-1.5)85Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137)
NCAAB657Long Beach St (+1)75Cal Riverside (-1)68Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB659Gonzaga (-13.5)75San Francisco (+13.5)65Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143)
NCAAB661Loyola Marymnt (+8)71San Diego (-8)75Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137)
NCAAB663Cal Irvine (-7.5)71Northridge St (+7.5)54Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 132)
NCAAB665Pacific (-3.5)66Portland (+3.5)54Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139.5)
NCAAB667San Diego St (+4)80Boise St (-4)83Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144)
NCAAB669Byu (-8.5)84Santa Clara (+8.5)50Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 135)
NCAAB671Colorado (+11)68Ucla (-11)59Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 153.5)
NCAAB675Tennessee Chat (-2)101The Citadel (+2)110Final OT Lines Recap Box  (O/U 163.5)
NCAAB677Denver (+15)72South Dakota St (-15)94Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 150)
NCAAB679Weber St (-2)79North Dakota (+2)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 151)
NCAAB681Oral Roberts (+6.5)64North Dakota St (-6.5)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143)
NCAAB683Vmi (+22.5)48E Tennessee St (-22.5)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 139)
NCAAB685Northrn Arizona (+7.5)75Southern Utah (-7.5)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 159.5)
NCAAB687Montana (-1)92Portland St (+1)89Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 162.5)
NCAAB689Idaho St (+11)80Northern Colorado (-11)94Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 144)
NCAAB691Samford (+9.5)50Mercer (-9.5)81Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB693Belmont (-8)75Eastern Ill (+8)66Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 136)
NCAAB695Eastern Ky (+4)91Se Missouri St (-4)86Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 149)
NCAAB697Austin Peay (+10)87Jacksonville St (-10)67Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 135)
NCAAB699Morehead St (+4.5)71Tenn Martin (-4.5)67Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 140)
NCAAB701Furman (-1)70Wofford (+1)79Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 146)
NCAAB703Nebraska-Omaha (+9)78Iupu Fort Wayne (-9)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 163)
NCAAB705Fairfield (-5.5)89Marist (+5.5)94Final OT Lines Recap Box  (O/U 145)
NCAAB707Siena (+6.5)61Manhattan (-6.5)72Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 136.5)
NCAAB709Nc Greensboro (-5.5)66Westrn Carolina (+5.5)55Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 137)
NCAAB711Tennessee St (-2.5)79Siu-Edwardsville (+2.5)82Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 134)
NCAAB713Murray St (-7.5)71Tennessee Tech (+7.5)45Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 152.5)
NCAAB715Montana St (-2)68Sacramento St (+2)87Final Lines Recap Box  (O/U 143.5)
NCAAB998Abilene Christian69Northwestern St58Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Alabama A&M67Alabama St70Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Albany Ny84Maine66Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Alcorn St77Miss Valley St63Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Binghamton65Hartford97Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Bryant76Central Conn80Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Central Arkansas79Nicholls St86Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Chicago St58Utah Valley St83Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Coppin St61Nc Central81Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Florida A&M81Bethune Cookman99Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Houston Baptist68Sam Houston81Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Howard88So Carolina St91Final OT Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Incarnate Word63Stephen Austin83Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Kennesaw State78North Florida85Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Lipscomb69Jacksonville87Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Mcneese St71Se Louisiana62Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Md Eastrn Shore59Savannah St87Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Mo Kansas City75Seattle77Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Morgan St67No Carolina A&T69Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Mt St Marys81St Francis Pa80Final OT Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998New Mexico St66Cs-Bakersfield53Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Njit54Fla Gulf Coast68Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Oak Hill Christian45Western Illinois107Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Prairie View71Grambling80Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Robert Morris81Fair Dickinson75Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Sacred Heart92St Francis Ny52Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Southern76Ark Pine Bluff78Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Stony Brook62Vermont73Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Texas A&M Cc55New Orleans61Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Texas Southern80Jackson St85Final OT Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Texas-Rio Grande Valley71Grand Canyon84Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Umbc89Massachusetts Lowell62Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Usc Upstate69Stetson87Final Lines Recap Box 
NCAAB998Wagner67Long Island69Final Lines Recap Box 
NFL301Atlanta (-2.5)10Philadelphia (+2.5)15Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 40)
NFL303Tennessee (+13.5)14New England (-13.5)35Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 48.5)
NHL51Detroit (+170)1Pittsburgh (-200)4Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL53Islanders (+120)7Rangers (-140)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 6.5)
NHL55Philadelphia (+105)5New Jersey (-125)3Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL57Boston (-135)4Montreal (+115)3Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL59Winnipeg (+115)1Minnesota (-135)4Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL61Colorado (+170)4Dallas (-200)1Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL65Arizona (+205)5San Jose (-235)6Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL67Anaheim (+100)4Los Angeles (-120)2Final Preview Lines Recap Box  (O/U 5.5)
NHL998Edmonton3Vegas2Final OT Preview Lines Recap Box 

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